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"I want a smile like this!" People used to cut out photos of models or movie stars to show Dr. Yabu and Dr. Lim the kind of smile they wanted. Then early computer design used the same idea to produce an "ideal" smile. Nice, but not fine tuned to fit the individual you.

Today, thanks to enhanced computer design, Lim and Yabu, A Dental Team can provide a cosmetic look that's you, and you alone. Even the most subtle difference in tooth size, shape, texture, and color can be part of your overall look. Dr. Yabu and Dr. Lim considers your gender, lifestyle, ethnicity, so your smile reflects who you are.

Seeing is believing. You can preview the changes at Lim and Yabu, A Dental Team, then feel the excitement of watching your new smile take shape right before your eyes.

Restorative Dentistry

Crowns, or better known as "caps," are needed on teeth for various reasons. Some of the reasons crowns are needed are to restore broken and unaesthetic teeth.

Teeth are often restored with fillings of silver or composite plastics. These materials can often accomplish the aim of replacing the part of the tooth that has been lost, in a strong and good-looking manner.

However, there comes a point where the damage to the tooth has removed too much structure to hold a filling. The restoration must be done by a technique that will attach to the remaining tooth, stand up under heavier use and meet more elaborate cosmetic requirements.

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